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December 2011

On Wednesday, motions in a Medical Marijuana case filed against Jan Brewer and the State of Arizona were heard by the Honorable Judge Richard Gama. The Judge was obviously well prepared as were counsel for both sides. Counsel for the State showed great professionalism and we should all feel well represented as citizens, if you accept the notion that their position deserved defending in the first place. However, I was struck by the obvious hypocrisy of the vastly different approaches taken by the State with regard to Medical Marijuana versus Immigration. In the case of Immigration, the State has taken the position that State laws should be enforced without regard to their US Constitutionality. That's a pretty strong States' Rights position that is consistent with the heritage of the State. Got that. What happens when the law of the land is Medical Marijuana? Does the State continue to follow its tradition of a strong States' Rights position? Does it stay neutral and avoid a controversy? Or does it bow to the will of Washington, DC. ? In court on Wednesday, the State's position, officially sworn and in writing, is that they believe the Federal Government should overrule a law you voted for in 2010, even though it was one of the most conservative wave elections in generations. A little history is in order. This is not the first time a Medical Marijuana initiative was passed in an open election. Back in the 1996, even before California, Arizona passed a law. But, just as today a conservative legislature and Governor Symington were in opposition to the will of the people. Then they had the flexibility to pass laws that undermined the citizen's initiative. But in an ironic twist, Prop 105 in 1998 was passed that now keeps the legislature from easily overcoming an initiative because of a general outrage with the way the conservatives over-reached then. “Those who forget the past.. and all that. It's a good time for the State to reconsider its position. The people of Arizona have spoken loud and clear about Medical Marijuana – they want it available, safe and legal. Over 16,000 patients have signed up despite not having a safe and legal supply of medication . Please consider the suffering of patients who have found possible relief but cannot get a safe and legal supply that meets their needs. The illegal activity that probably is occurring is a direct result of the failure of the State to fully implement Prop 203. Only you can stop that by going forward with the letter and spirit of Prop 203. No one is going to be fooled by propaganda using a situation you created to undermine a law you oppose. Instead of getting in the way of Medical Marijuana, we should join the Governors of two other states to petition the Federal Government to re-schedule Marijuana to a Schedule II drug. First, this will give the Governor the protection she wants for State workers. More importantly, this will also allow much needed research, such as the research the University of Arizona is poised to do on Medical Marijuana to treat PTSD. Such a gesture would show that the State intends to follow its sworn duty to implement the will of the people.

December 2011

So much is happening...
that it's hard to know where to start. We've got all of the regulatory approvals needed for the North Phoenix site and construction has started. The Grand Opening has been set for February 18th – you'll be hearing a lot more about that later.

Grow Facility

Last week the 100th caregiver signed up with Compassion First. While waiting for facilities, some of the caregiver team has been growing the plants you'll start with in February.


We had our first day in court this Wednesday when Judge Gama heard arguments on the case. No longer can the state hide behind federal law to ignore their duty to fully implement Prop 203 and the will of the people. Finally, I'd like to invite all of you to get involved in the first CEO Crop Charity Auction. As our way of celebrating the holiday season, we'd like to give patients an opportunity to purchase a small quantity of medical marijuana and use the proceeds for a charity of your choice. We are offering a ½ ounce of a Bubble Gum strain that one of our Caregivers grew, which tested at 23.8 % THC, to the highest bidder. Anyone can bid, as you might want to do as a gift to a patient, but only a validly registered patient can receive the medication. Here's how it works:

  1. Visit us at www.caregivercircleaz.com and click on the Auction button on the Home Page.

  2. Enter your name, email address, and your bid amount.

  3. The auction will open on December 20th and close at midnight on January 3rd.

  4. The medication will go to the highest bidder.

The best part is that I will match your donation to charity with ten times that amount, up to $10,000. Don't let your charity miss out on this chance to make it a merrier holiday season.

November 2011

I'd like to welcome our new caregivers and give a shout out to our original core group as well. Our business is going according to plan and we thought this would be a good time to provide you with an update.

Safe Cultivation Place
First, we have secured leases on three buildings spread across the valley. We are busy upgrading them to be leading edge cultivation facilities that can each hold more than 40 caregivers.

Here's what your grow tent in the facility will look like:

Grow Tent

We are currently expecting to start opening facilities towards the end of the year. While awaiting facilities, there is a team of genetics caregivers growing young plants so that you will start ahead of the game. In fact, there are already four little girl plants with your name on them.

Medical Marijuana

Industry and Legal Developments
The Federal government continues its war against dispensaries in a clear change in strategy from a couple of years ago. Which means the caregiver model for providing patient relief is the only viable way to provide medical marijuana. Your commitment as a caregiver is the best thing we can do to show the government that medical marijuana has a valid place in the medical treatment of many diseases.