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At Compasion First Caregiver Circle we are committed to creating as much value for our community as we create for our company. Our focus on charitable giving demonstrates our commitment to supporting our community. We have engineered our business to maximize charitable opportunities for our company, caregivers, and patients.

When a patient designates a Caregiver it can take a while for the state to approve, complete & provide documentation to both parties. During this time a patient can make donations to local 501-(c)3 charities in return for medication.

CFCC Caregivers operate 100% not-for-profit, which means all excess funds are directed toward local 501-(c)3 charities of the caregives choice.

Compassion First may make donations to Charitable Organizations of its choosing and in a manner that is consistent with it's mission. Currently we have generated over $10,000+ charitable dollars that have gone to improving the lives of many Arizona citizens.

The Gaines Family Foundation
Gerald Gaines, the CEO of Compassion First AZ, will make matching donations to Charitable Organizations through The Gaines Family Foundation.

Current Partnered Charities

Power of Pain Foundation:

Horses Help Therapeutic Center:

Waste Not AZ: