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Compassion First AZ is a for profit company that advocates for the safe and legal use of marijuana for medical purposes. We are a Social Enterprise that values our contributions to the community as much as our contributions to shareholder value. Compassion First AZ has taken a lead role in the State of Arizona in creating a national model for medical marijuana. Recent actions include:

  1. Successfully suing the State of Arizona to develop fair and equitable rules to award dispensary licenses. For the first time, qualified people from anywhere can apply for one of only 124 dispensary licenses. Arizona v. Compassion was a great success story for the proponents of safe medical marijuana.
  2. Creation of Compassion First Caregiver Circle Inc., responsible for developing an innovative caregiving structure and serving as an advocate for caregivers. The Caregiver Circle will support up to 150 caregivers until the dispensaries can start operation.
  3. Developing a social enterprise model for prospective dispensaries prior to the State’s action to delay implementation of Proposition 203. We developed a model to involve over 300 socially committed people to apply for dispensary licenses with the goal getting as many licenses as possible into the hands of people most likely to have the interests of patients at heart while still in a viable financial structure. We will revisit this structure as the State rolls out the details for the new licensing process.

The attached document is a description of the benefits to an Arizona dispensary owner of affiliating with Compassion First. Compassion First is not soliciting funds through this document. The data in the document are accurate in our judgement, however the reader bears all risk to verify the information.

Click here to download the document.